Moving Checklist and Complimentary Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator

Purchasing a home is a major life event that many families face at least once in their life.  There are two things which make this particularly stressful.  One is trying to understand the process of qualifying for and taking out a loan; and the other is coordinating a major move to your new home.

You need as many tools and checklists as you can find to organize yourself.  We have provided a free and comprehensive mortgage interest rate calculator to help you every step of the way, from determining whether that house you are interested in can fit your budget, to fine-tuning your monthly payment by taking into account taxes, insurance, and duration of the loan in addition to the interest rate.  Additionally, below is a moving checklist to help you prepare in advance for the big day!

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The Moving Checklist

You may be getting ready to move into your dream home. But as most of us are aware, the process of moving can feel more like a nightmare. It's very easy to become overwhelmed by all of the things that need to be done in order to ensure a smooth move. But by making a checklist of things to do, you can always know just where you stand with each task, and get a great sense of accomplishment when everything has been done.

Utility Transfers

When scheduling dates for the transfer of utilities like electricity, gas, water and internet, you may have an easier time getting your new services hooked up between Mondays and Thursdays. This is because the offices of these utilities are most likely to be open during those days. As well, these are the days of the week when banks are likely to be open as well.

The 'turn on' dates for utilities are best scheduled for one day before you move. 'Turn off' dates for utilities are best scheduled for one or more days after moving. This will help ensure that any issues can be taken care of should they arise.

Change Of Address

It can take time to notify each and every company and person that you have moved. This is where the temporary change of address comes in.  This will allow all of your mail to be forwarded to your new address for a particular amount of time. Some individuals who may need your new address may include:

  • Baby sitters and/or daycare providers
  • Dry cleaners
  • Your church
  • Accountants and banks
  • Newspaper
  • Your health club


Making sure you have cash on hand will allow you to avoid any delays when paying the moving company, purchasing meals or groceries and paying for gas. It's a good idea to keep cash close to your person during the moving process to minimize your risk of it being stolen. There are many distractions on moving day that can result in forgetting to lock your vehicle or close a purse.

The Moving Organizer

In order to keep all receipts, notes and other information in one convenient location during your move, you can easily make a moving organizer. This can be a binder with pockets in it, a file folder with accordion-like sections, or even an envelope for receipts with a running list of information on your mobile phone.


Having a list of what needs to be returned can also be helpful. This is for any items which may need to be returned to a company as the result of shut offs, such as a cable set-top box or remote control.  It can also be handy to have a list of returns any rentals, like carpet shampooers or tools that you may have needed only at your old home.

The Day Of Your Move

Starting early is probably the best advice for anyone on the day of their move. If you've hired movers, they will likely prefer to arrive at your home early in the day. Even if you are moving yourself, starting early can mean that your move is complete by the end of the day, which means you don't have to stretch out the process an additional day.

Before any moving begins, it's a good idea to ensure the exchange of cell phone numbers with your movers or those who will be helping you to move. Be prepared to answer any questions the movers may have, as your answers will allow them to do their jobs much more efficiently.

In fact, you may want to plain for as much availability as possible on moving day. Keep yourself visible - usually, being near the door is the best place, as those incoming or outgoing can catch you on the way by with any questions they may have.

Before leaving your old home for the last time, ensure that any fans, heat, air conditioning and water is turned off, along with the light switches.


Here at the Home Mortgage Calculator dot com, we have assembled useful information for consumers to refer to, as well as tools to utilize in order to understand how much your loan will cost each month, as well as all of the elements that go into your monthly payment. 

While it may seem that taking out a loan from a lending institution is a huge undertaking, we can help demystify the process.  For example, a refinance home mortgage calculator can help you understand any pros or cons associated with a refinance at this time, depending on your current situation and credit history.

Additionally, a mortgage interest calculator is a useful tool to help you tweak your budget and determine exactly how much home you can afford at the interest rates that are available to you.  Your goal in home ownership should be to get the best value possible at the best rate possible.

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