Why Aren’t Mortgage Refinancing Gains Stimulating the Economy?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Sam Stieler  on 04/08/2013


Home owners have seen a nice little boom from mortgage refinancing over the last couple years, but in a recent article in Bloomberg analyst Cheyenne Hopkins wonders if this new influx of cash will actually see its way to benefiting the U.S. economy anytime soon.


Mortgage Refinancing= Big Cash Flow Gains


One of the biggest reasons home owners refinance their mortgage is to free up additional funds and increase their positive cash flow. Refinancing a mortgage offers a way to either reduce monthly payment rates or build home equity faster, both of which are usually seen as good for consumers and the economy at large.


But these days home owners are funneling their gains from a recent refinancing rush into savings and across-the-board debt reduction. While Hopkins may see this as a bad thing, overall the more stability Americans can create in their financial life the better, and intelligent mortgage refinancing allows just that. 


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