Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding the Use of an Online Mortgage Calculator

Since you have found this resource, you probably are already convinced about the benefits of researching more optimal loan terms on your own.  But maybe you are still unclear as to why you should turn to online tools to help you with this.  Here are some questions and answers that may shed some light.

What is an Online Mortgage Calculator?

It is basically a tool that comes bundled with all of the built-in formulas and terminology you need to figure out how much money you will spend every month on your loan payments.

Why Can’t I Use a Normal Calculator to Calculate My Monthly Payments?

You can if you’d like, but keep a couple important points in mind:

  • Using a regular calculator to figure out your monthly mortgage assumes that you already have a thorough understanding of the factors going into a home loan. In a perfect world we would ALL completely understand what goes into a mortgage payment. Unfortunately we don’t live in that perfect world. The average person doesn’t really understand why they pay what they pay every month and wouldn’t be able to work out their monthly loan expenses if all they had to use was a normal calculator.
  • Even if you understood all of the factors contributing to the cost of your mortgage payments it would take a lot more time to work it all out with a normal calculator. Using a specially designed tool will save you lots of time and frustration compared with using a regular calculator to work out your mortgage.

Figuring out what you can pay for your note can be frustrating and emotionally taxing enough on its own. Instead of resolving to spend the time and energy necessary to manually figure out the terms of your loan, use a specifically formulated calculator instead.

When Should I Use This Tool?

If you already have a home mortgage that you’re ecstatic about then you probably don’t need to use a loan calculator. But most people aren’t particularly happy with their existing terms. Most people feel they could acquire better terms on their mortgage if they refinanced it. And most people are right- refinancing often results in measurably superior loan terms.

When it comes down to it whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments or spend less over the life of your loan you will benefit from using a comprehensive tool like ours.

By sitting down online for just an hour with a mortgage calculator you can quickly and easily discover the loan terms that best meet your needs. Working these calculations out ahead of time will give you a real edge when you go to your bank to refinance your loans. You'll know before you walk in what you can afford and if the bank can only offer you a package that's not going to work for you, then you'll kow immediately.

The confusing calculations that go into a home loan represent just one of the ways the industry earns record profits at the expense of their clients. The right online mortgage calculator will provide you clarity.


Our free home mortgage calculator provides you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on the course of action to take on a loan.  By understanding the process, as well as all of the elements that make up a loan, you can enter into a contract with a great deal of understanding.

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