Refinance Home Mortgage Calculator - Our Tool for Helping You Estimate Your Costs

You know, you really aren’t stuck with the terms you took on when you first signed up for your mortgage. You can always apply to refinance your loan.

When you took out your original loan, you may have been stuck with a higher interest rate because that is what the market forces were offering at the time via the prime rate.  Or, you may not have had as good of a credit score as perhaps you do right now.

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What Can Refinancing Offer Me?

Plain and simple, deciding to refinance home mortgage will save you a lot of money. Here’s how:

  • You can acquire a fixed rate mortgage. There’s no better way to weather the storms of financial insecurity than a fixed rate mortgage, especially if you sign up for one when the interest rates are nice and low.
  • You can acquire a better fixed rate mortgage. If you already have a fixed rate mortgage and you notice interest rates have dropped further since you acquired your loan, refinancing gives you the ability to take advantage of increasingly favorable economic conditions.  
  • You can acquire better caps on your adjustable rate mortgage. If you choose to sign up for an ARM you’ll want to keep your caps as low as possible in order to minimize the maximum amount you might pay any given month. Don’t be surprised if refinancing (after a couple years of dutifully paying your mortgage) results in a lower ceiling on your mortgage’s interest rate.
  • You can build equity in your home quickly. If you make more money now than you did when you took on your loan you can increase your monthly bill to pay off your mortgage faster. Willingly increasing your monthly payments = paying less overall on the life of your loan = saving a lot of money over the long term.
  • You can reduce your monthly payments. Most people refinance their mortgages to reduce how much they owe the bank every month. Maybe your financial outlook is shakier than it was when you first set your repayment terms,  maybe you’ve found a better investment opportunity to send your spare cash. No matter the reason, refinancing gives you the opportunity to save money and reduce your expenses every single month.

Of course, to make sure you receive more favorable terms on your refinanced loan you need to do a little homework.

Who Calls the Shots on Your Loan Terms?

Some people need to refinance their loan because their financial conditions have changed since they acquired their mortgage, but many people find refinancing appealing because interest rates have gone down since they bought their home.

And there’s no single tool that will help you acquire better loan terms than a refinance home mortgage calculator. Here’s why:

  • Calculators give you the ability to run the numbers yourself before applying for the loan at a bank.
  • Calculators give you the ability to figure out the exact best terms to meet your current financial conditions.
  • Calculators give you the ability to figure out a fallback position you are happy to accept if you are unable to acquire your best-case-scenario terms.
  • Calculators take into account all variables, including taxes and insurance, and give you a truly accurate picture of what new terms you can afford and how those terms will play out over the short and long terms.

If you walk into a bank without understanding the terminology and your options, then you may find yourself in a sticky situation with a mortgage that isn't to your benefit.  However, by simply understanding a few key terms and using a home mortgage calculator, you can get a firm grip on what all that legal mumbo jumbo means.  Let us help you begin your refinance home mortgage process today!


A refinance home mortgage calculator is a useful tool for helping consumers estimate how much they can afford on a loan, particularly if it enables adding in important information like taxes, insurance, and other incidentals.  Save time and aggravation by doing some simple calculations up front so that you can approach the refinance process knowledgeably.

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